Minnesota Moisture Testing
Who we are
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Private Eye Moisture Testing provides moisture testing services throughout the Twin Cities area.  We’ve been performing moisture testing since stucco homes first started failing in Minnesota during the ’90s. 
Wall Claddings Tested
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  • Stucco

    Pin-probe moisture testing of stucco houses is our bread and butter.

  • Stone

    Stone siding is nearly identical to stucco, and gets tested the same way.

  • Vinyl

    We offer non-invasive moisture testing on homes with vinyl siding.

  • Wood

    Wood siding can be moisture tested with non-invasive surface scanning, and then followed up with pin-probe testing at suspect areas.

  • Composite

    Composite siding, such as James Hardie or Smartside, can be tested the same way that wood siding tested.

  • Aluminum/Steel

    Aluminum and steel siding can be pin-probe tested from the interior of the home only.

  • Brick

    Brick siding can be tested with pin-probes.